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Other Shorts

Note to Self Films is a Toronto based production company working in narrative and documentary film. 

This Garden is Yours

Two urban farmers bring their neighbourhood together in an effort to construct a community greenhouse from scratch in this dreamy, mixed-medium portrait exploring sustainability and safe spaces.


Director: Jessie Posthumus

Producers: Kelly Kitawaga, Sarah Quan, Van Wickiam

We Are Listening

When her friend suddenly goes missing, Syd Reynolds starts a podcast where she takes the investigation of his disappearance into her own hands. Despite pushing everyone else away, she is dead set on finding the truth.

Writer/Director: Jessie Posthumus

Producer: Adam Craveiro

WAL 2.00_08_34_21.Still004.jpg

Don't Shoot the Dog

When a controversial zookeeper is caught allegedly mistreating his animals in a viral video, Toronto filmmakers agree to help him share his side of the story – while simultaneously capturing their own behind the scenes footage in this short documentary.

Director: Jessie Posthumus

Producer: Sarah Quan

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